For the first time, wpd was able to conclude an offsite corporate PPA with physical delivery in Poland. Orange Polska S.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of France’s largest telecommunications group Orange S.A., is a renowned company that has been secured to take delivery of the green electricity generated in the two wind farm projects ‘Jarocin Wschod’ and ‘Krotoszyn’.

Both wind farms will be built in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, the country’s second largest province in central Poland. The site for the ‘Jarocin Wschod’ wind farm is located about 11 km southeast of the city of Jarocin. The wind farm will consist of two GE 2.5-120 turbines with a hub height of 120 m and will have an installed capacity of five MW. The second project will be realized about 83 km southeast of Poznan and five km northwest of the city of Krotoszyn. Four GE 2.5-120 turbines with a hub height of 120 m and an installed capacity of 10 MW will be installed here.

The energy supply contract is the first cooperation between Orange and wpd. Starting in 2021, the two wpd projects will supply Orange Polska with a total of approximately 500 GWh of green electricity over a period of ten years.

“It was important for us to have an experienced partner like wpd on our side as we develop into a green company. In the past years, we’ve been implementing a number of initiatives to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Apart from that and investing in renewables, we’re expanding Orange fiber optic internet network, which is up to five times more energy efficient than older technologies” says Piotr Jaworski, CTO of Orange Polska. “This agreement is another important step for Orange Polska towards becoming a green telecom,” he adds.

“A great success for our team in Poland”, says Andreas Chollet, Country Manager at wpd for Poland. “The partnership with Orange Polska S.A. as the leading telecommunications company in the Polish market underlines the importance of the projects for the energy turnaround in the country and the appreciation of wpd’s experience as a provider of corporate PPAs.” 


About wpd
wpd AG develops and operates onshore and offshore wind farms and solar farms, and is actively engaged in 25 countries around the world; the head office is in Bremen. The German company has already realized wind energy projects with around 2,270 wind turbines and an output of 4,720 MW, and is planning further projects with a total of 11,300 MW onshore, 7,400 MW offshore and 1,150 MWp solar energy.

About Orange Polska
Orange Polska is the leading telecom in Poland. It has the biggest infrastructure in the country, enabling the company to provide services based on cutting-edge technologies, including gigabit fiber optic internet and 4G LTE network. Orange provides mobile services to 15.4 million customers, and broadband internet to over 2.6 million customers. Its fiber network reaches 40% of all Polish households. Orange Polska runs its own R&D activity and is a provider of comprehensive IoT, ICT and cyber security solutions.