External rating agencies have rated the development of wpd as stable and positive since 2003. In the current report by Scope Hamburg, the Bremen-based company is also awarded the coveted A rating. The assessment of the stable positive development is based on an extensive analysis and evaluation of the company’s data and documents an established market position with an extensive own portfolio of wind farms as well as a comprehensive national and international project pipeline.

„The positive A rating from Scope confirms our successful national and international growth course based on stable earnings positions, a healthy equity structure and a strategic expansion of our activities in key target markets. In addition to a positive development in our German home market, we are seeing increasing demand in European, American and Asian core markets where we are pursuing long-term strategies,“ explains wpd CFO Björn Nullmeyer. In addition to the in-house development of wind farms, a large number of cooperations and the expansion of the solar business ensure a strong market penetration for wpd. „Due to the high degree of diversification, we have been successful even under the general conditions of the Covid 19 pandemic thanks to a great commitment of our employees,“ says Nullmeyer.


About wpd AG

wpd AG develops and operates on- and offshore wind farms as well as solar parks. The Bremen-based German company is active in 28 countries worldwide and has realised wind energy projects with around 2,400 wind turbines and a capacity of 5,150 MW. The project pipeline comprises a total of 12,300 MW onshore, 13,800 MW offshore and 1,650 MW solar energy.